Matriarch Elephant - noun

The elephant herd is led by the oldest and largest female and we call her the matriarch. She is usually the one who was the most closely related to the previous matriarch. The rest of the herd is made up of the matriarch's other daughters and their calves.

These ones gravitate naturally around the matriarch, making her quite simple to identify. She influences the herd more than any other group or individual.

The matriarch is instrumental in teaching her daughters how to care for their own young.


Periscope-Smell - noun

Raising a trunk to pick up any foreign and/or interesting smells


Herds - noun

a Collection of Elephants are called Herds. Herds are usually made up of between 6 and 12 elephants. However, groups of between 12 and 20 elephants are also not uncommon.

If the herd becomes too large, some of the daughters will break away with their young to form new groups on instruction from the matriarch. This may happen if the food - and water supplies are not sufficient to sustain the entire herd as they move through a specific area.